Pedal for
the Planet

Aventon Makes Ebike
Recycling Easy


Doing the right thing for Mother Earth

We've joined the first industry wide electric bicycle battery recycling program in the U.S. to make recycling easier for you. With an estimated 12 million electric bicycle sales in the United States between 2020 and 2030, our participation in this program ensures that Lithium-ion Aventon ebike batteries are safely handled and returned to the proper recycling streams at their end-of-life, rather than ending up in landfills and further damaging our environment.

Let's ride, recycle, and repeat!

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Ebike rider on a bridge in the forest 2
Person on a cliff looking at the sunset on an Aventure ebike
Ebike rider on a bridge in the forest 1
Ebike rider on a bridge in the forest 2

How Can I Recycle My Ebike Battery?

With Aventon, recycling your ebike battery is as simple as one, two, three!

Locate one of Call2Recycle's vast network of locations that specialize in battery recycling.
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Arrive and drop off your Aventon ebike battery.
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Retailers will package your ebike battery to be responsibly recycled.
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Where Are Recycling Centers

Check out Call2Recycle's map to locate a battery recycling center nearest you!

Recycling is one of the greatest gifts we can give our planet, and
with Aventon, we make it easy.


What Are The Program

We've teamed up with Call2Recycle, a battery management leader with extensive experience in safe battery collection, logistics, and responsible recycling, and PeopleForBikes, a national bicycling advocacy organization, to make battery recycling more accessible and less complicated, ensuring your batteries are safely and responsibly managed at their end-of-life.

As an Aventon owner, your electric bike is protected under our program. Once your battery reaches its end-of-life, simply find a Call2Recycle recycling location that specializes in ebike battery recycling. From there, it's as simple as showing up, dropping off, then heading home! Call2Recycle's vast network of retailers will safely package your Aventon battery and responsibly send it on its way for proper disposal.