Folding Electric Bike

Fold it. Store it. Transport it. Aventon's selection of folding electric bikes make it easy to enjoy the outdoors while still being compact enough for easy portability.

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    What is a folding electric bike?

    Electric folding bikes are exactly what they say they are, electric bikes that fold! Creating a folding electric bicycle simply means that more people can find fun and uncover new experiences, wherever they ride! These ebikes are designed to easily fold and unfold, making storing and transporting a cinch. Plus, if they’re equipped with fat tires or a suspension fork, these types of electric folding bikes offer even more versatility for riders to find their comfort and roll into the horizon. 

    What are the benefits of choosing a foldable electric bike?

    A folding e bike offers so much more than rider versatility. While they are a great option for those who are new to ebikes or simply looking to add another style of riding to their collection, they also are generally suitable for a wider range of heights. 

    A folding electric bicycle is the ultimate space saver, perfect for those who are intentionally or unintentionally being minimal with their surroundings. Whether that’s storing this compact electric bike in the closet or under a desk, or transporting this portable electric bike in the back of a car or in an RV. Designed to effortlessly fold and unfold means a folding electric bike can easily go wherever you go! 

    Does Aventon offer a folding electric bike?

    We do! Sinch, Aventon’s foldable electric bike, is built for fun. Available in both a traditional step over and step-through frame, it offers riders more versatility in finding their most comfortable fit. With easy folding capabilities, Sinch folds as quickly and easily as it unfolds, making more room for what matters most.

    Equipped with a front suspension fork with adjustable preload and 4” fat tires, Sinch can not only tackle the roughest roads but turn them into comfortable rides. With up to 40 miles in range, every ride is an opportunity to experience something unexpected. 

    How do I find an Aventon foldable electric bicycle for sale?

    Aventon’s foldable electric bike is available through a multitude of channels. As a brand, Aventon takes an omnichannel approach to provide ebikes. When shopping for an Aventon foldable ebike, you can purchase online at and have your electric bike that’s foldable arrive right at your doorstep. Aventon electric folding bikes are also available in over 800 retailers and local bike shop throughout the United States. To locate a retailer that sells Aventon’s foldable electric bike, visit Aventon’s Dealer Locator. Aventon has also partnered with big box retailers, more notably Best Buy, to provide a selection of compact electric bikes both online and in select stores nationwide. 

    Owning an Aventon foldable ebike

    Aventon products are designed to spread happiness. Everything we do is fueled by our passion, and we’re intentional about every last detail of our products. From striving to infuse the latest technologies into our electric folding bikes to our commitment to using the highest quality materials used to construct our electric bikes. Everything we do, from performance to safety to care, is with our riders in mind. After all, innovation is what keeps us going but spreading happiness through motion is the passion that fuels us forward. 

    Need more information on an Aventon folding electric bike? Visit our Help Center or contact us to speak with one of our customer service representatives. We can’t wait to connect with you!

    Ride more. Be happy.