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Share your unique referral link with a friend to give them 5% off their first purchase and you’ll get 5,000 points to use toward any purchase on our site.

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The referral program is integrated with our rewards program. When you refer friends, family, and your audience to buy Aventon ebikes, you'll earn points you can redeem for money off your next purchase

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Whenever someone buys an ebike through your referral link, you’ll get 5,000 points to use toward future purchases on!

1 eBike referral = 5,000 Points = $50 towards purchases

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  • sinch ebike
    Carlos Calzadilla
    108,099 pts

    The best thing about Aventon is the quality of all the bikes it makes available to the consumer. And second is the customer service.

  • couple on ebikes
    Denny Winkowski
    1,999 pts

    For the rewards we have already invested in small upgrades for our Aventon Aventures with a cell phone carrier and a bike bag to go along in our travels.

  • woman riding ebike
    Jaclyn Jones
    89,156 pts

    The Aventon Rewards are amazing! I have gotten front and back racks, a surfboard carrier, all just by simply referring my friends to an awesome brand and getting them outside!

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  • Carlos Calzadilla
    108,099 pts

FAQ's for the referral program

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Referral Program Terms & Conditions


An Aventon Rewards member who shares their referral link with whomever they wish to, encouraging them to purchase an ebike.

To qualify for Aventon’s tiered reward program, the individual must:

  • Create an account on
  • Remain in good standing with Aventon, meaning active issuing of chargebacks, lack of respect to our team or our online communities, unsafe riding, or other behaviors that go against our Terms of Service will result in disqualification.

In addition:

  • Referral points are added to the Aventon Rewards member's account 60 days after their Friend/Family referral placed their ebike order
  • Aventon Rewards members will receive one sum of referral points per qualifying order. This means that referral points are not awarded based on the total number of ebikes within a single qualifying order but rather as one referral reward per one order.


The recipient of the Aventon Rewards member’s referral link, inquiring to purchase an ebike.

To qualify for a referral discount on their first ebike purchase, the individual must:

  • Be a new Aventon customer; Existing Aventon ebike customers and owners will not qualify.
  • Create an Aventon Rewards account.
  • Purchase an electric bike at using the Loyalist/VIP/Ambassador's unique referral link.
  • Not use any other sitewide promotion, coupon code, or discount in addition to the referral link as Aventon prohibits stacking discounts.

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